If you are pregnant, do not eat chicken wings or your son's penis will suffer

Hello girls!
Did you think the title of the post was a joke?
chicken wings
Well nothing like that, this time I'm telling you the truth. Eating chicken wings while you're pregnant will make your son have the small penis .

The organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) , has reported it to the National Festival of Buffalo Wings (USA). The letter recommended that during the 9 months pregnant women stay away from chicken wings for the sake of your child's organs.

Apparently buffalo chicken wings, contains a chemical called phthalate, which in high concentrations would affect the growth of male sexual organs.
Although Shanna H. Swan of the Icahn School of Medicine assured that any link between the consumption of buffalo wings, even in pregnant women, and the size of the genitals of their babies is very subtle "
I really do not believe it, although probably if I was pregnant I would avoid it "just in case." We must also bear in mind that the experiments have only been with one type of wings, and do not specify if the same thing happens with all of them or if it is only with that brand

And do you believe it? Kisses