How to know if your breasts are drooping?

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With the passage of time, strict diets, lack of exercise, motherhood or the elasticity of the skin the chest can fall a little bit. If you have the fallen chest or think about it, surely more than once you have stood in front of the mirror and asked yourself ...

Do I have a fallen chest?

It is something that anguishes all women, but before putting the cry in the sky you have to know with certainty if we have a fallen chest or if they are only our imaginations, because Sometimes we are our worst enemies.

We look in the mirror and we look horrible, and reality is usually very different, we do not need to be so cruel to ourselves, when those little "Defects" do not notice anyone beyond our eyes .

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But How to really know if we have fallen chest ?

There are many tricks to know if you have the fallen chest , one of them and I do not recommend it much because I do not see it very reliable is:
Pick up a pencil or pen and put it under the breasts if it falls yup i !! you do not have them fallen.

If on the other hand the pencil does not fall SOS WE HAVE A PROBLEM this means that we have the fallen chest , but as I said I do not see it reliable since It depends a lot on the type of pencil and also the shape of our breasts ... this was just a curiosity.

Method that really works for > know if we have sagging breasts .

Surgeons have a great and easy trick, we take a meter and measure the distance between the neck where are the clavicles and the nipple . If the distance is between 18 - 21 centimeters congratulations your breasts are firm.

If there is more distance I'm sorry to tell you that your breasts have fallen, but following the tricks for girls of this blog you will solve it easily.

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With all these post has enough material for the breasts to return to their place, do them all before it goes through your head to operate since this is quite and always has its risks.

Remember to also use a bra of your size and correct cup and with which you look good and sexy, this will raise the mood much.

And finally remember, that step of the years we all fall on top, and we should not see it as something bad, it is a sign that we are alive, that should already be a reason to start the day happy. So if you have the fallen chest , do not get overwhelmed either, use a good bra and go.

Did you know these beauty tricks to know if we have fallen breasts ?