Faerie organic reviews

Hello Beauty!
Today I wanted to give you my opinion about the faerie organic beauty products , a brand that sells both natural makeup and natural and organic cosmetics

My opinion about Faerie organic natural makeup:

Something I like a lot of Faerie organic is that it has a kit to prove that products can go well, the kit that I took is the clearest because I am very white, you have seen Bella the Twilight because almost the same of white or perhaps more.
Faerie organic
 faerie organic natural cosmetics

Of the 5 which best suit my skin is the medium golden arbruhs , and the light maxium . The other three are also using them but as they are darker I mix them. If you are very white my recommendation is without doubt the light maxium. On the other hand if you are darker skin I do not think any of these go well.

For this they have other pack that will go much better.

Have you tried this pack of Faerie organic makeup ?